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LifeSave is a vigorous, but extremely frugal 501-3c / 508 non-profit Charitable Education Organization
All who know us know we sacrifice, do much with little, eat simple & even sleep in my old van when asked to travel.
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Not enough Flesh? - or too much Exhaust?
Baby Was Wrongfully Taken From Loving Health Conscious Parents!!!
This child and his family are not safe in this State's "Protective" System!
Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002  --  Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! -  - Do you see a malnourished child here?Family vs State
Evidence of True Harm never Entered!
also see
and listen on
The  "Smoking Gun"
The Real Baby Killer!
 Ignored by the accusers and the law!
Exhaust from furnace pressed back by breeze and entering house through fresh ari intake (square grill) - - - Click this photo to see CO Videos
_Because of this case, this site's Author was asked to run for State Senate.
_Please support his caring efforts lobbying for all critical Family Rights!
  Nutritional choice! .  Educational Choice! .  Medical Choice! .  Constitutional Rights!
Interview of Old Farmer, natural animal biologist & Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23,
Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Periodically on :.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio  12 - 2 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially all precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at subtle Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!, Utah, Davis County& Santa Monica Calif,
Animal Challenges, Soil Organisms, Plants, Pets, Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Birds, Fish, Farmers, Nature, Acid, Drugs, Ducks, Industry, Infants, (and my fun poke at under-educated "Pros": Jackasses, Quacks)
Our 15 years on-going personal Health Education efforts for everyone: [Transmissable
Bacterial, Viral, Prion Diseases ] [ Fluoride, Purity ]  . [ . .   . . ]  .
VeganCowboy[Scientist].org . 
[ ]
Also my personal Health, Education, Medical Choice, Constitution related 'Utah State Legislative' efforts; my Diligence, Discovery & Advocacy in; and legislative reviews on
I have decades of education, life experience and helpful knowledge that needs to be made available for others on these web sights, scanned, copied or written to publish. But with my limited resources used up in my experience and hard wake-up-call (near death) with cancer, stoke, heart disease and MDR-Strep-A, followed with my struggles for personal and family survival since - while also trying to help all who approach me for help in their own desperate needs - has limited that progess. Your contributions will allow some of that additional work to be done! Or will help maintain the on-going costs just to keep sites up and hosted simply as they are! 

Thank you, sincerely, Thomas L Rodgers
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