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Energy Loads of Animal Foods for Man!
Is this why the Earth and Her Soils, Waters, Air, Plants, Animal Life, and man with it, is heating, failing and dying?

        Please return here to learn the largest man made cause of Global Warming through Energy Consumption and Energy Waste, as well as Global Poisoning, Global Destruction, Eco-Failure, Famine, Pestilence, Famine, Disease and Death of ALL Animals and Man!

        Three quarters of all electricity generated by man goes into keeping his heart clogging, parasite and disease laden milk, eggs, poultry, meat and all animal products from rotting and turning into maggots before you eat it! (Then only to let it set warm and stagnant to turn into rotting meat inside at 98.6 degrees you!

        I will provide for you the government figures and references to support the statement above.  Try to go to a library and see Jeremy Rifkin's book "Beyound Beef" -- The Politics of Meat. (He and I where interviewed and borad cast nationally on PBS and National Public Radio on the subject of energy requirements and waste in meat, poultry and dairy production about 8 years ago from the PBS/NPR studios in Las Vegas)

        In the meantime, save yourself, but more important, save your children, grandchildren and their future Earth by giving up the Energy Wasting and disease causing traditions and habits of killing and eating all animal products. Your own body will be pleased and that will stop the demand for foreign oil. It will save your health, your money, your children and the Earth.

        Come back in a few days -- between feeding my own family and trying to pay my own bills (including these web site) and teaching the sincere, it will take me some time to get the energy data up for you.

Beyond Beef -- by Jeremy Fifkin
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