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In the mean time understand this: 

All animals have the same base chemistry for life, and so it is that all animals have the same compliment of glands and hormones ("glandulars") including the growth altering hormones labeled as steroids -- that you do! 

So every time you ingest (or inject) any animal tissues, you bring with it the always present natural hormonal (steroid) packages of that animal. Hence you are doping your body with hormones levels and imbalances (often far) above that of your body's own normal production and/or needs. 

A critical burden and problem is placed upon the intense nutrient demanding developing bodies of placental nourished fetal and prepubescent infants and children as they are experiencing the intake of adult levels (and more) of sexual hormones always presented in the animal tissues consumed by the mother and transferred to them to via the mother's bloodstream and her placenta; then continued via her mammory after birth, until finally recieving them directly at the family's table, and if established as habit, the rest of their life. 

You are also "cross-sex doping" yourself as you consume tissues from an animal opposite your sex. Hence human males consuming female animal tissues, including their milk, will be ingesting female hormones, as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, etc. -- or for human females, testosterone from all male animals tissues will enter them consuming it! -- And if there is metabolic weakness or failure (necrosis) in your liver, in the metabolic pathways for breaking down these hormones (specifically androgens), they will enter your blood stream and result in a confused chemistry push in both physiology and neurology responses!

The constant doping of like hormones will also induce a feedback reduction or full stop production signal to the glands normally supplying your own hormones; so in the perpetual flood of animal supplied hormones, your own glands will atrophy and/or shut down their production all together.

The animal hormones will also be accompanied by the glandular sloughing (spent cells) of that animal's gland, so the potential of auto immune reactions -- i.e. self destruction of your duplicate gland will be also be set up by your immune system as it detects and is offended by the animals "foreign" hormones and glandular tissues!

Note on so-called synthetic hormones like Synthalin and Synthroid:
Bacteria (used as a production source) also have the primitive internal "organelles" tissue clusters which also provides them with their necessary hormones which are the same or similar to ours -- hence this provides the pharmaceutical industry its ability to extract insulin "synthalin" or thyroxin "synthroid", and other "synthetic" hormones from e-coli. -- In the labs, e-coli has been label as the miniature "cow" and is one of the major biological "work horses" of the pharmaceutical industry. -- However, as with all animals either macro in size, or micro -- which all bacteria are, E-coli must be fed! And as an obligate carnivore, it must be fed decomposing animal (slaughterhouse) waste. So these organisms carry the risks of other associated animal bacteri and viral infections or contaminations (specifically sub sized, internally hidden ("phage") organisms, like epstein-barr, herpes, cmv, etc.). So even with all humanly possible filtering or "purification" of these bacteria harvested hormones, there is always a risk of associate or "phage" contamination and infection from the animal based materials required for these hormone products.  This is also a problem in direct pig, horse (Premarin), cow, or other animal harvested hormone products or supplements.]

Though animal supplied hormone treatments may be necessary for sustaining life in gland damaged individuals (as in diabetics, hypo-thyroidism, etc.), the otherwise unnecessary ingestion and consequent unnatural doping with meat, milk, eggs which all are loaded with the animal's own hormones, is a subtle, body confusing, potentially auto immune triggering, gland destructive, even infection dangerous offense for the human body.

Don't eat or drink Animal Hormones and confuse your body with them. 
-- Don't do Hormones -- "Say No! to Steroids!"  -- ('cause that is what Hormons are!)

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