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These articles where written in 1994-5 while healing from stroke damage.
Please pardon their grammatical imperfections.

Our Immune System's Losing Battle!

     When we entered this life, we did not come alone.  Inside us came a loving crowd of friends, friends who like us, had high expectations for our life.  These dear friends – our own immune system – embarked with us at our inception, and our birth, to journey with us on this grand adventure; fully intent on making this as wonderful and as fulfilling as we together had dreamed before and decided that it should be.
     These friends – our lymphocytes, T-cells, B-cells, macrophage, and our full compliment of immune helping cells – entered life in us as our maintenance crew;  whose original job description was to keep clean and facilitate the repair, and renewal of our and their other friends within – the 90 trillion good cells who are us! (Your one unit body is combined labors of 90 to 110 trillion individual, interdependent, intelligent cells desiring life in, by and through you!)
     In our trust they happily accepted this assignment in nature's great design, as we promised them our best, to provide and care for them, if they faithfully traveled through life with us! – but in ignorance, sloth, greed and in self-driven appetite, we have failed them, these wondrous cells who in the beginning were our once most trusting and in return our wonderful protecting friends!
     But by satiating our taste and glut on the pathogen (bacteria, virus, parasite, antigen) saturated products of man's foulest of inventions –the slaughter house! – we have required these dear friends – our immune system, to put down their tools of our own repair, restoral, and renewal – and have forced them to take up the weapons of bloody gorilla and frontal warfare in often overwhelming battles against the "Khmer Rouge" of man’s slaughter house, as we have become the murderers and devourors without need of billions of our other most precious friends – the animals!
     In a constant daily insane war brought on by ourselves, we ignorantly choose those seductively and attractively packaged and subtly savored foods, extorted in violence, blood, and death – instead of those most gentle, agreeable and compassionate foods, freely given of for us to partake, in the beginning  – and giving us life!
     Vehicled in fancy styrofoam, cellophane, plastic, cardboard and glass, and mobilized by our own hands to enter – in tumblers, knives, forks, and spoons - into our own digestive highways, are microscopic billions of pathogens, intent for their own self growth and establishment – and for our demise! – as they do ravage and assault all our good friends of our own life! – our cells within.
     Abused and continually fatigued in this battle to defend our bodies against these invited and ingested hoards of pathogenic invaders, our immune system's cells are more and more ever impaired, -- and are rarely allowed, if ever, to do the service of their first design: – that was, to police and cleanse our own tissue, so that day by day repair, restoral and renewal can, or could – as it should – take place!
     But in ignorance, gluttony, and greed, -- within ourselves and in the profit driven industry, -- little thought is given to our crowd of struggling friends inside – until they are no longer able to defend in valiance, us, their companion in which they did put their trust, and by who in our mindless choices for flesh and base thievery for appetite, have mistakenly and miserably failed them!
     And so we, with them, together, all pay appetite's disease, dying and death's so very hard price!
     Learn now! Change now and take care of your immune system friends! – Stop the needless death and your own senseless dis-ease and dying.  Stop handling and consuming the deadly pathogenic foods of animal flesh, tissues and fluids.  Then your immune system friends can do as they were designed - and desired to do in the beginning – take care of and facilitate the refurbish of you.
     Since the womb, the primary objective of the immune system cells – lymphocytes, T, B, Macrophages and compliment cells – was and always has been, to identify, chemically tag, verify, lyse and remove worn out, defective, naturally cancered, and dysfunctional cells; thus permitting new healthy cells to grow and function in clean uncluttered space within the vital tissues of the living organism, of creation’s most precious triumph, a human person!
     In life, if wise and carefully gentle choices are made by us, in how we feed, sustain, and guard this body, and not mindlessly admitting those animal pathogens; that function of repair, restoral and renewal can continue, long, until our journey is fulfilled!
     Notice the statistics in the terrible pathogen load - against which we force our immune systems to protect us – just so we can have a little animal milk, egg, fish, and flesh!
     By pleasing the Creator of all, and your body (of His ancient design, and spoken in His very first counsel) in partaking only of the good things from His earth – the bounties of her soils: her gentle ‘fruits and herbs’of His provided garden - our strength is promised to be renewed and lifted up as if on an eagle's soaring flight:
   …‘they shall renew their strength; and shall mount up with wings of eagles;  they shall run and not be weary; and  they shall walk and not faint.’
[original published Western WheatGrass Journal -ThomasLRodgers, Mar 1995]

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