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Memory Transfer -- Animals to Man?
Is this why humanity, at least in part, has been plagued with confusion, depression, perversion, contempt, aggression, revenge, malice & murder?

        Until today, I have carefully broached or taught this biological reality only to those select few who were open to know. But I believe with the current intelligent shift in society's consciousness, as many more individuals detect the deceptions and withholding of truth for profit in so many areas of their lives and education, especially in critical physical and mental health knowledge, indicates to me that it is now time for me to go more fully public with this four decade old medically well understood, but divisively suppressed and unspoken fact! Memory does transfer! So as I am just now (9/26/07) composing and publishing this web page, the following initial statements of fact can seed your reason and will at least start to open your understanding and benefit you now.

What We Knew -- But Withheld!  (For Medical Opportunity, Drugs and $$$)

       Within our first successful heart transplant surgery experiences in the 60's, 70's and 80's we quickly learned of an unanticipated phenomenon! -- the traumas, memories and personality traits of the donor "mysteriously" showing up in the psyche and experiences of the organ transplant recipients! Among honest transplant and neurological research scientists this memory transfer phenomenon was not a mystery for very longA.  Immediately, in the case of an 8 year old girlA, who was given the heart of a 10 year old girl, the recipient child began to have nightmares of being murdered. The fact that her transplanted heart had been harvested from a murdered child had not been made known to the transplant physicians, her family nor the recipient child. But the very details of the murdering circumstance and even the first name of the murderer were presented in the recipient child's horrific dreams! This resulted in the ultimate discovery and prosecution of the donor child's murderer! So we quickly realized the important need to obtain the best possible record of the death details, traits and critical experiences of the transplant donors, so we could prepare the recipients (ourselves and their families) for this now regularly anticipated transplant associated neurological occurrence. As a consequence, unfortunately, along with their necessary anti-rejection drugs (compromising their entire immune system and laying them open to simple infections1), many transplant recipients also end up mandatorily medicated with the emotion (memory) suppressing antidepressants2.

        Now comes in this writing (mustered in my timid courage) the more discomforting implications in the exposure of our organ transplant learned facts; facts which, for the last four decades, have been left unspoken and undisclosed by those (including me) who knew, for professional survival and economic reasons (perpetuation of transplant medicine and the slaughter industry's limitless expansion and profits) and the thousands (if not millions) of years of accepted (biologically deviant) human behavior, deeply embedded in man's traditions and even seductively installed into many of his religions!

        So are you open to socially contrary but honorable profound life and belief altering biological truth? Are you tired of your own and humanity's physical and mental challenges, chaos, hurting and disease? If you are finally desiring the best physical and mental health possible, and you are receptive to honest, mind expanding learning, with noble thought decontaminating and lifesaving reasoning!... then read on!

Memory Transfer -- Man to Man,  Animals to Man -- A Biological Reality!

        The same biological transfer-of-memory reality and demonstrable fact which was learned in our successful transplants of human to human organs, also is a subtle part of the experience of humans who "transplant", that is, internalize, ingest and/or inject (via drips or hypodermic vaccines16, hormones or glandulars) the tissues of any other member of the animal kingdom!

Molecules of Memory -- Small and Durable!

        Because the memory cells and molecules (neurons, nucleic acids, plasmids and other molecular fractions etc) of any animal's nervous system (which are exactly like your own) are so small (and are ubiquitously extant to all animal kingdom members' tissues) and because they are generally protectively encapsulated with very dense lipids (ie. saturated fats, esp. myelin); these tough and tiny "molecules of memoryB" are not always completely broken down in digestion or catabolized in the liver; so they can, and do, easily enter intact systemically, and can become inserted into and made functional parts of the active neurological streaming tissues of the recipient consumer! (like the murdered child's memories were inserted into the recipient child's memory tissues, as evidenced above!)

        From your perspective, you may argue, or you might be told, that cooking prevents survival of memory molecules! Sorry but too many preparation and cooking procedures, especially "rare" meat servings, cannot and do not completely "denature" all of these super-tough tiny atomic-level micro-molecules, especially as they are designed mechanically, thermally, electrically and chemically durable to survive a lifetime -- even over a hundred years -- of mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical assault in the hosting animal or you! Remember, an animal's amino acids (that constitute its proteins) easily survive cooking and are metabolized and re-installed as your proteins and function in your body tissues as your own; the same facts of transfer (in surviving cooking, consumption and metabolization) applies to the even more durable nervous systems nucleic acids and plasmids! -- and "wallah"! left whole and installed intact (like their amino acid cousins), the animals' molecules of memory have a new home in you!

Am I Deluded? -- Because You Never Have Recalled any Animal's Memory!

        You could claim that I am nuts and this is just not true, since you have never remembered some event as a cow, chicken, fish or pig in your mind!  Sorry again! Your perception does not stand as secure empirical scientific evidence. As a matter of fact you should not have had a distinguishable animal memory, since a cow's, chicken's or any animal's mental encoding and decoding processes are not based upon your intellectual thought foundations; so you would not be able to translate their encodings precisely as a cow, chicken or any other animal since their neurological processes are not written with your personal identity tagging, nor at your level of sophistication, nor with your experience reserves, nor your interpretive patterns.  

Animal Kingdom -- Common Emotions

        However, there are, for all members of the animal kingdom -- to which you, your body and brain inescapably belong -- common Base Emotions, which even without your specific (human individual) identity tagging, are encoded exactly the same as yours, and will be read (and skewed) as if they were your own, even if with only partial intensity and pieces of their memory. Those base emotions (common to all sentient beings) are fear, confusion, contempt, fight. flight, desire (sexual and territorial), longing, sorrow and anguish (for loss of family, specifically offspring -- a heifer losing her calf will brae and traumatize the sisters of her herd, until her calf is found alive or dead or when time indicates to her and her sisters there is no hope of recovery) -- and finally and vividly, (in their last living experience) hatred, desperation and pain!  Without the precise interpolation and lacking your identity tagging, these "transplanted" emotions plugged in your memory strings can be and will be played back at subtle to pronounced intensities as if they were your own, and / or will be mingled with your own emotions and memory recall, and you will not be able to differentiate your own from those encodings transfered to you! -- not until you have experienced sufficient neurological cellular and systemic "purge", routing or over-write time in that "sterilizing" lifestyle choice and change to living without them being reinforced through perpetual addition (consumption, injection or installation)!

Emotions of Slaughter (Desperation, Betrayal, Hate, Murder) -- and Man's Insanity . . .
"En-Vivo" Animal Emotions & Drives: Territory, Dominance & Unabated Sex! . . .
Entrapment, Molestation, Rape, Maternal Loss! -- Added By Man & Now His Own! . . .
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