presents:  Healthy Lifestyle Lectures -- in Utah -- with Robert Cohen!
Milk, A-Z  - by Robert Cohen -- Click to see his webiteMilk, From A - Z
Robert Cohen 
It looks like a children’s book, but open the cover and a magnificent work of art is revealed. Each letter of the alphabet is beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Brian Vigorita, whose unique style qualifies him as the Erte of the health movement. The hard cover book contains overwhelming, easy-to-read, scientific references from allergies to zits compiled by author Robert Cohen, proving that cows milk should not be consumed by humans. 

This book is the perfect gift for your doctor (who may not have taken a class in nutrition in medical school). 

Give this book for your child’s teacher to counter the well financed dairy industry disinformation campaign. 

Give this book for the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. 

Give it as a gift for your parents or children, friends or relatives, for this book is destined to be the symbol of the NOTMILK movement. 

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Healthy Lifestyle Lectures -- in Utah -- with Robert Cohen!