Northern Utah Healthy Lifestyle Lectures: -- also see
Friday 25 July 03
8a (radio)
10a-(SLC Library)
1p-Bountiful Library
4p- SLC Library
6p [UARCWeekly]
Saturday 26 July 03
8a KZNU / 9a Kstar 1400kc
10:30a Provo BYA
1:30p -SLC Libray
4p -Bountiful Library
7p [JKFam&Frnds]
Sunday 27 July 03
9a (Radio)
10a WagnerJCC
1p (SLC Library/SDA?)
4p WagnerJCC
7p (SDAFamily&Frnds?)
Monday 28 July 03
9a Riverdale Good Earth
11a (travel)
12p SLComCollege
3p Ogden Library
6p Roy Library
Lecture Locations [Public Forums] in Salt lake City Area:
Salt Lake Public Library, Main Auditorium, 210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City -  three days:
            Corner of 2nd East & 4th South SLC...Underground [$1.50/hr] parking, mid block on 4th South
     Friday 25  10am - Noon [This session is optional depending on Robert Cohen's arrival]
                and   4pm - 6pm  Afternoon session
     Saturday 26  1:30pm - 3:30pm Early Afternoon Session
     Sunday 27  1pm - 3pm  Early Sunday Afternoon Session  --
                                   --  Added special SDA discussion issue: "160 yrs Before Her Time!"
Bountiful Library, Auditorim, 750 S Main, Bntfl.
     Friday 25  1pm-3pm Downstairs Large Auditorim [Elevator available]
     Saturday 26:  4pm - 6pm   "             "             " 
Provo Brigham Young Academy Library, 550 North University, Provo:
     Saturday 26  10:30am - 12.30pm (after KSTAR Radio 9-10am in-studio broadcast - see radio show details below)
                 (New) Provo Public Library (Brigham Young Academy Complex)
                 Bullock Auditorium, Room #309.  [Elevator available].[Library help: 852-7691]
                 Surface and Free Underground {recommended} parking, entree mid block on 1st East
Wagner Jewish Community Center, 2 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City: 
     Sunday 27  10am - 12 Noon, Morning Session 
                 and   4pm - 6pm, Afternoon Session
                 Added discussion issue: "The scientific support for - and benefits of Pareve!"
                 Wagner Jewish Community Center is across street (North) from main entrance of the U of U Medical Hospital
Riverdale Good Earth Nat. Fds. 1050 West Riverdale Road, Riverdale (South Ogden)
     Monday July 28, 9am - 10:30am Conference/Classroom.
Salt Lake Community College, 4600 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City:
     Monday July 28, 12 noon - 2pm, Student Event Center {commons area} in Student Center
Ogden Library Auditorium,  2464 Jefferson, Ogden: {24th & Jefferson -- Then 1/4 block South}
     Monday July 28,  3pm - 5pm [ A great session for HAFB moms and night shift support personnel.]
Roy City Library Auditorium,  1950 West 4800 South, Roy:
     Monday July 28, 6pm - 8:30pm  [Special invitation to all my fellows of Hill Air Force Base and 'The Hess"]
Radio Shows in Salt lake City, Northern Utah Area:
     Wednesday July 23, 8am - 9am KTKK "K-Talk" Radio, SLC, 630KC on AM Band  &
             "The Dr. Jack Stockwell Show" on-air call-in phone 254-5855
     Saturday July 26, 9am - 10am: KSRR "KSTAR" Radio, Orem Ut. 1400 KC on AM Band.
             "A Healthier You!" Hosted by David Christopher*  -- On Air, call-in phone; 470-1400
              *Christopher's Herb Shop, Springville Ut, 489-4254 or 1-800-ERB-TALK (1-800-372-8255)
Radio Shows in Cedar, Saint George, Southern Utah Area:
     Wednesday July 23, 4pm - 5pm, KDXU Radio, St George Ut, 890 KC on AM Band. 
            "The Brian Hyde Show" On Air Call-in phone 673-5890
     Saturday July 26, 8am - 9am (first hr.) KZNU Radio, St George, Ut, 1450 KC AM Band
            "DeVona's Health and Wellness Show" (Second hr) 9pm-10pm, On Air Call-in phone 628-1450 to DeVona
Note to Media: Robert Cohen will interview by phone or in-studio as possible. Call me 801-298-9095  or Him 888-668-6455
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