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Cancer is a continuous and ongoing experience for the body. Solar energy, cosmic radiation from the heavens, earth core (deep background) and terrestrial (soil & absorbed vegetation) radiations, are an inescapable natural experience, and present an eternal challenge confronting the body every moment of our lives. So the fight against cancer is a never-ending process in any individual's existence, no matter what else they are, do or experience.

But in the intelligence of creation, and in our wise Creator's just plan, we were provided with the mechanisms to deal with nature's continuous cosmic assault again the 90 trillion or so individual cells that constitute our body.

Within the cell are genetic repair workers known as nucleases which course the genetic stings of our chromosomes, always laboring to repair the mutations caused in those chromosomes by the inevitable cosmic particle strikes, and other natural chemical mistakes and triggers. Given sufficient time in the life of a damaged cell (before its next mitoses - cell division) the repair can be effected, and healthy cells are perpetrated.

But we have foolishly interfered with that repair process, as well as added to the damage opportunity through our ignorant and ill-informed choices, contrary and unnatural to our original biological design. Our acidic Ph, consequent to the wrong chemical soup and nutrients provided to our "anciently created" cells in our "anti-genesis" move from the garden into the anatural second hand nutrients, supplied in the milk-shed, chicken-coop, fishery, barnyard, slaughterhouse and butcher-shop, and through our unnatural processed foods ingestion, breweries, drug store and chemical violations, we impede or disrupt this built-in repair speed or success. When this internal cell repair is caused to lag behind the rates of its damage, mutation is not checked and the multiplying of cancerous cells will result.

Outside the cell, the second cancer prevention backup mechanism process was placed upon the bodies immune system. In fact this was nature's primary intended labor for our immune system; that is: the repair of self! But again we have made choices that have burdened and interfered with that ancient genesis-designed program!

Originally the T-cells, B-cell, Macrophages, etc. of our immune system were supposed to spend their first energies at scanning our own cells, to detect, destroy and remove, that is, clean out space (for new healthy cell replacement) of the errant, worn-out, particle-struck or error caused cancerous cells. But we have, by going to the other members of the dirtier-living animal kingdom for our (second hand) blood and animal's body tissues consumed as food, brought in their hormones, anti-genic proteins, fats, and glycogens, and have placed the anatural, unnatural and unintended heavier (secondary), but now (made primary in priority -- for system survival) demanding duty in fighting the eminently lethal assault of bacteria, viruses and parasites from those milk-shed, hen-house, slaughterhouse, hunting and fishing-hole harvested food supplies!

These additions through the later invention of the spear, knife, gun, stove and barbecue and their alterations to our original garden and simple forest designed dietary program, have done more to promote cancer (while interfering with our own repairing abilities), than our primitively formed immune system -- originally dealing only with background earth, solar and cosmic radiation and rare tactile (touch-contact and insect bit) infections -- was intended to handle!

Adding in modern drugs and industrial chemicals, that were-never-prepared-for in our simple garden environment and primordial nourishment biological program, have added to the modern human cancer explosion!

For more than forty years, we of "Science" in the Medical fellowships have deceived ourselves with an always just-around-the-next-research-dollar promised cure. We have thrown good money after bad and truly have miserably failed ourselves and the trusting patient, creating endless treatments given with nausea, empty promise and more false hopes; have burned, poisoned and mutilated, and usually added only more miseries in mercenry (profiteering) than any real cure, prevention or true solution!

The true cure for cancer is in our own body's already built-in and ancient cancer prevention program. It is in your own nucleases and your own immune system!
And it can only have real success within our choices to live as if we were still with in that original garden; and consume only what it provided through our bare five fingered hands, moved about above our two naked five toed feet, harvesting what we could reach, pluck or pull and nothing more!

Disease organism and disease reactive genes, hormones, proteins, glycogens or fats cannot survive upon, or come into you from those fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens and grains, that are bathed in sunlight, oxygen and the sterilizing cosmic shower and harvested in the harmless manners of the garden!

If you want to stop cancer, stop your offense against your own body, it's precious immune system and against your original creation program! Get back into the nourishing conditions equaled only in the Garden, where you were first designed and where your peaceable choice's did reap humanity's best physiological freedom of life, function and joy!

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