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Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002  --  Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!Babies Wrongfully Taken From Loving Parents!
Your knowledge and action is needed!
Health Conscious, Pareve, Vegetarian / Vegan, Integrative Medicine, Home Educated Children's Families Choices and Unity

- are All put at Risk - 
by adversarial family, neighbors, schools or friends,
erred Medicine, "Child Protective Services",
and the State's Legal System!
Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! -  - Do you see a malnourished child here?Not enough Flesh? 
or too much Exhaust?
This child and his family are not safe in this State's "Protective" System!

Bogus charge of "nutritional" neglect pressed,
separation, control and repression,
DCFS Dependency Prison demanded for Life!
Evidence of True Harm not ever Entered!
"Oh yeh, We will do it in retrial or appeal!" 
What happened to Defense, Truth and Justice?
In Utah its Babies for Money, Medicine and Law!

Information on Healthy Vegan Family versus State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and The Law follows.

Please sign Petition to Governor and Accusers, etc. (#4 below).

Exhaust from furnace pressed back by breeze and entering house through fresh ari intake (square grill) - - - Click this photo to see CO VideosView the "Smoking Gun!"-- the Real Killer in action!
Ignored by the accusers, PCMC, DCFS, "Family Law" and the Court!!!
"Carbon Monoxide" exhaust fumes entering home in CO Videos!
Go to this page:
to see these Press Releases &
to Sign Petition Now!
1.Press Release on PRWire by S Allan  1-a.Latest News on Case!
2.Press Release by Documentary Producer, Shaun Monson, Los Angeles
  3.News Release by Accountability Utah by D. Newby
KSL TV News Clip - Video: Christmas Day Legislative Neighbors's Flier Visits4.Petition, to Governor & Accusers, PRWire, by S Allan ...5.Printable Flier
6.KSLTV News Legislative Christmas Protest Visits Video Clip  6-a.text version
6-b. SLTribune: Violated Families Christmas Protest   6-c.AU/DaveHansen's Report
7. What Really Happened! Thaxton Family's C.O. Experience - A brief overview & fact timeline!
8.Carbon Monoxide Alarm unprofessionally ignored!
Instead, Hateful Nutritional Neglect was concocted by Medical Examiner and DCFS!
After misdiagnosis - thrice! -Vitamin B12 - The senseless bases for Matthew's removel.
His Mom's blood & Breast milk levels - any struggling infant's best form and supply!!!
and Matthew's MRI -- No indications consistent with (chronic) B12 deficiency!!!
-- Why was this and so much more kept out of the family's defense evidence in Court?
9. Latest News: The Judge Rules: Matthew back! -- BUT look at the conditions!
Nothing about Fumes! -- and the AG threatens their GOOD attorney! Why???
10. Handbook: Know Your Family Rights  Thomas & Aimee Dutkiewicz 
Please go to
to see all these items and more of the Thaxton Family experience --
and what you can do to protect your own from the same violations:
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Interview of old Farmer & Candidate for Utah State Senate Dist 23, Tom Rodgers, on Fluoridation of Davis County
 Today:.Barbara Jean Show, KTKK 630 AM Radio 10/28/04,  12:30 - 1 pm
Please Tune in and Listen! - Also Notify all Neighbors and Friends! - Especially our precious Community Farmers, Horse &  Pet  Owners and Home Gardeners - whose investments and survivals are at Risk as they are forced to use any Fluoridated culinary water for their animals and soils!