presents: Healthy Lifestyle Lectures in Utah with Robert Cohen!
Robert Cohen sponsored by us to lecture in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, St Grg. July 25-30, 2003
Milk, The Deadly Poison - by Robert Cohen -- Click here to see more
Author - Educator - Robert Cohen - learn his experience, education and motivation! Click to go to his brief Biography
Milk, A-Z - by Robert Cohen -- Click here to see more
So what's wrong with "good old" cow's milk?
 - or its other tissues? 
What are the human health issues?
Sponsored by the Vegan Cowboy, LifeSave and local friends:

"Not Milkman" -  Robert Cohen 
Researcher and Author, of "Milk, The Deadly Poison"
in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, Bntfl, Cedar, St..Grg.
July 25-29, 2003, at multiple sights and times
including the NEW Salt Lake City Library, Auditorium, New Wagner JCC, New Provo "Brigham Young Academy Library, SLCC, Etc,
see his site ""
Radio interviews in process on KSTAR , KCPW, KTKK, KDXU, KZNU, more.
  So what is wrong with cows milk! - when it is put inside man or human child? 
 -- It is the "Allergy"-Antigenic Proteins, Animals Fats, Animal Biota and Animal Steroids!
 -- A plethora of problems! including our unnatural human experience in "Hormonal Hell"!!! - tlr

Steoid and Chemical Betrayel - click to articles     Learn the connections between the animal hormone additions, addictions and overloading brought into your human body and and that of your child by the ingestion of "Bovine Lactation" (cows milk) -- and even worse, the concentrated forms of dairy products: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Butter - and, oh yes-yes, "The Power of" Cheese!!!
  -- Breast and Female Tumors, Prostate Cancers, Heart and Arterial Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, ADD, ADHD, "Brain Fog", Autism, Nuero-Physical Disorders, Confused and Premature Sexual Development and Earlier and Earlier Sexual Precociousness and so much more! -- not to mention the associated Zoonotic Bacterial and Viral infections in Staff, Step, E-coli, RSV, Influenza, Dental Carries and Periodontal Disease and that list does not stop!!! -- and endless AutoImmune Disease and Allergy triggers!

     So please come learn what the Dairy and Livestock Industry and its beneficiary Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries and its dependent Professionals do not know, do not tell! -- or just plain conveniently and profitably ignore! 
     You don't believe it? -- We welcome your question and challange! We will be honored that you cared enough to attend and participate!  There is no product! and no chargetlr

New Salt Lake City Library Auditorium, New Wagner J.C.C, New Provo Library, SLCC & more
Healthy Lifestyle Lectures Locations & Times on rear &
Northern Utah Healthy Lifestyle Lectures: -- also see
Friday 25 July 03
8a (radio)
10a-(SLC Library)
1p-Bountiful Library
4p- SLC Library
6p [UARCWeekly]
Saturday 26 July 03
8a KZNU / 9a Kstar 1400kc
10:30a Provo BYA
1:30p -SLC Libray
4p -Bountiful Library
7p [JKFam&Frnds]
Sunday 27 July 03
9a (Radio)
10a WagnerJCC
1p (SLC Library/SDA?)
4p WagnerJCC
7p (SDAFamily&Frnds?)
Monday 28 July 03
9a Riverdale Good Earth
11a (travel)
12p SLComCollege
3p Ogden Library
6p Roy Library
Lecture Locations [Public Forums] in Salt lake City Area:
Salt Lake Public Library, Main Auditorium, 210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City -  three days:
            Corner of 2nd East & 4th South SLC...Underground [$1.50/hr] parking, mid block on 4th South
     Friday 25  10am - Noon [This session is optional depending on Robert Cohen's arrival]
                and   4pm - 6pm  Afternoon session
     Saturday 26  1:30pm - 3:30pm Early Afternoon Session
     Sunday 27  1pm - 3pm  Early Sunday Afternoon Session  --
                                   --  Added special SDA discussion issue: "160 yrs Before Her Time!"
Bountiful Library, Auditorim, 750 S Main, Bntfl.
     Friday 25  1pm-3pm Downstairs Large Auditorim [Elevator available]
     Saturday 26:  4pm - 6pm   "             "             " 
Provo Brigham Young Academy Library, 550 North University, Provo:
     Saturday 26  10:30am - 12.30pm (after KSTAR Radio 9-10am in-studio broadcast - see radio show details below)
                 (New) Provo Public Library (Brigham Young Academy Complex)
                 Bullock Auditorium, Room #309.  [Elevator available].[Library help: 852-7691]
                 Surface and Free Underground {recommended} parking, entree mid block on 1st East
Wagner Jewish Community Center, 2 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City: 
     Sunday 27  10am - 12 Noon, Morning Session 
                 and   4pm - 6pm, Afternoon Session
                 Added discussion issue: "The scientific support for - and benefits of Pareve!"
                 Wagner Jewish Community Center is across street (North) from main entrance of the U of U Medical Hospital
Riverdale Good Earth Nat. Fds. 1050 West Riverdale Road, Riverdale (South Ogden)
     Monday July 28, 9am - 10:30am Conference/Classroom.
Salt Lake Community College, 4600 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City:
     Monday July 28, 12 noon - 2pm, Student Event Center {commons area} in Student Center
Ogden Library Auditorium,  2464 Jefferson, Ogden: {24th & Jefferson -- Then 1/4 block South}
     Monday July 28,  3pm - 5pm [ A great session for HAFB moms and night shift support personnel.]
Roy City Library Auditorium,  1950 West 4800 South, Roy:
     Monday July 28, 6pm - 8:30pm  [Special invitation to all my fellows of Hill Air Force Base and 'The Hess"]
Radio Shows in Salt lake City, Northern Utah Area:
     Wednesday July 23, 8am - 9am KTKK "K-Talk" Radio, SLC 630KC on AM Band.
             "The Dr. Jack Stockwell Show" on-air call-in phone 254-5855
     Saturday July 26, 9am - 10am: KSRR "KSTAR" Radio, Orem Ut. 1400 KC on AM Band.
             "A Healthier You!" Hosted by David Christopher*  -- On Air, call-in phone; 470-1400
              *Christopher's Herb Shop, Springville Ut, 489-4254 or 1-800-ERB-TALK (1-800-372-8255)
Radio Shows in Cedar, Saint George, Southern Utah Area:
     Wednesday July 23, 4pm - 5pm, KDXU Radio, St George Ut, 890 KC on AM Band. 
            "The Brian Hyde Show" On Air Call-in phone 673-5890
     Saturday July 26, 8am - 9am (first hr.) KZNU Radio, St George, Ut, 1450 KC AM Band
            "DeVona's Health and Wellness Show" (Second hr) 9pm-10pm, On Air Call-in phone 628-1450 to DeVona
Note to Media: Robert Cohen will interview by phone or in-studio as possible. Call Him 888-668-6455  or me 801-298-9095
 Southern Utah Healthy Lifestyle Lectures follows: -- also see
  Southern Utah & Nevada Healthy Lifestyle Lectures:
Tues 29 July 03
9a (travel / Radio)
12p Cedar City Library
3p St Grg Library
7p St Grg Adams-Hafen
Wed 30 July 03
9.a St Grg Library
11a Travel
1p-Mesquet NV
4p-Overton NV
Thur 31 July 03
10a Las Vegas NV
1p    "
4.p   "
7p    "
Fri 1 Aug 03
1p L.A Calif 
Lectures (Public Forums) in Saint George, Southern Utah & Southern Nevada Area:
Cedar / Saint George 
     Tuesday 29 July
            12noon-2pm Cedar City Library, Downstairs Conference Rm 5
            3:30pm-6pm St George Library, Conference Room, 
            7:30pm-9pm St George - Adams-Hafen Bldg. Conference Room, downstairs, 1086 So Main,
                   Co-sponsored by: Denley/Jan Fawlkes For Sale By Owner Reality 674-3111 
                                          and: Marty Kofford "The Health Nut" health food store 435-652-4372 / 888-605-7070
     Wednesday 30 July:
             Optional: 9am- 11am St George Library, Conference Room, 

N.E. Nevada / Las Vegas area:
     Wednesday 30 / 31 July:(approximate)  Exact Time & Locations to be announced.  See
           ~12pm Mesquite, 3pm Overton, 6:30pm+ & morning 31 July, L.V. --- see (or .org)
For Northern & Southern Utah Healthy Lifestyle Lectures updates, see
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