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LifeSave Biological Research & Education.
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsBaby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08Not enough Flesh? - or too much Exhaust?
The State and Utah's IHC Medicine want you to believe that nursing infants are not harmed by Carbon Monoxide - but because they don't have animal flesh, fluids, or ova in the family's refrigerator or rotting inside their nursing mother!
GassingAmerica.comLicenseToKill.usDanielInTheLionsDen .us
For self help & group support go to

Fluoride - not for animals, plants or man
Friends of KTKK Radio and the Mills Crenshaw show:
     For you who are genuinely interested in actual and effective truth about fluoridation, I am in the process of restoring my web pages with my own Universities' (multiple), AVA, National Academy of Science,  etc documents which I used to educate the members of no less than 5 communities who wisely requested my knowledge, listened to me, shared my knowledge, experience and data, so successfully kept fluoride out of their water.  

     This link: will now work -- but you might continue here for a brief moment to hear my frustration with my very own city, Bountiful Utah, being Fluoridated while I was away successfully preventing Santa Monica California from being fluoridated again!

     I could not get through to those activists here in Utah, where they (Dr Flack, etc) focused only on human damage; which is too subtle, latent (slow) and can be misdiagnosed, covered up and is not as evident to the common people, so in those areas of their (jealously guarded, faithfully parroted) influence, they lost their battles and ended up leaving those communities to be fluoridated anyway.  

     I tried to convince Dr Mack Flack, Clinton Miller, Dr David Kennedy, Jeff Green, Ken Howard, Dr Paul Connett, David Hansen and everyone else in Davis County and Utah's anti-fluoride cabal, who focused on human damage only, that their track record of success was already proven as poor, and that in only arguing human damage -- since Fluoride damage in sweat gland (w/ halide purging pumps) privileged human beings is less, latent, subtle, easily cloaked and profitably misdiagnosed and mistreated by AMA-HHS medicine anyway -- and the streets are not littered with the bodies of victims in those cities, just like Brigham City, which have been fluoridated for decades -- so they (Dr Flacks "human damage" focused associates) made it easy for Beth Beck and her Davis County pro-fluoride pawns and State Health Department industrial-waste collaborators to easily mock and refute the unfortunately, too proud to learn, myopic humans, Dr Flack team.

     And as you see by their loses in Davis County and everywhere, unfortunately their egos and pride interfered, hence they deliberately ignored me - even belittled me, my experience and data! -- so Dr Flack, Clinton, Dr Kennedy, Ken, everyone of them, lost in my very own city of Bountiful and County of Davis, while in their (well paid) same ineffectual moments in Utah, I was in Santa Monica California (on my own dime) at the request of that more humble, teachable, pet, fauna (squirrels, birds and fish) and environment (flora) loving metropolitan (surprise, even without cattle, they got it) community -- and I, teaching them, succeeded in stopping fluoridation of them, their pets and reverenced community creatures again (as I had done before)!  

     The track record proves;
          if you argue human only! you lose!  
          If you argue animals (be it livestock, pets or community fauna), agriculture (especially city water dependent gardening) including community flora, using my data, you win!
     -- That is my MO and track record! -- Dr Flack and all of you should have made it yours!
         [Narcissism disposes involuntary suicide for its adherents - in the end! - while
teachable selflessness establishes the opportunity for all to flourish - immediately!]

     -- Oh yes Woods Cross (and the Bountiful City 1st E 10th S well) put special spigots on their well-heads for me (and for my few intelligent friends) to access un-fluoridated water at their wells near me here!

      Please return as I find the time to upload and re-link what was deleted from the web servers as I had no support and not enough personal funds left to maintain those server and domain fees, and since the battles were lost by the ego-centric humans for the time being.  And as families came to me to save their children from other poisoning deaths and the State, I have had to focus my meager resources, as you can see, on another deliberate well hidden insult to the human family: Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and the other combustion VOC's poisoning directly affecting 34 million and in its medical protocols cover-up, affects nearly everyone else in the USA -- and you are kept clueless about it!!! (see,

      I also prevented an innocent pest control technician from going to prison as I proved in Federal Court preparations (also commenced while I was in DC) that he did not cause (as alleged) the February 7 & 9, 2010 deaths of two precious Toone family children of Layton, inside their home, with his outdoors application of a rodenticide, Fumatoxin; but in fact, malfeasant bureaucracy, industry and medicine did!  Innocent Cole Nocks (Ray Wilson owner of "Bug-Man Pest Control" and even Federal Judge Benson) is grateful for my unselfishly provided knowledge and labor in their behalf.
    Sadly you, some of other our fact-resistant fellows and the public have been prevented from knowing, acting with, and benefiting from the truth (which I know, but am viscously resisted), be it deliberate Carbon Monoxide or Fluoride (to dumb you down and eliminate you and your offspring!
 -- so you and all are being poisoned without facts, being kept from having any  fully educated choice, and being profited from in your ignorance, morbidity and death!

     When read (finish reading the next few paragraphs to get the needed overview) open this link to my main page for Davis County and all Utah

     This was formerly linked out of my old "mother" site on Fluoride known as: "" (which over the years I could not continue to afford), which I initially put together for my California and Utah friends and did effect the rejection of Fluoridation in Santa Monica Ca, White City, Woods Cross, Tooele, (and others in and out of the State of Utah).  Try all links inside (feel fee to call me or email me to report dead links), then come back in a few days as I continue to restore the data and links from here.

      Also bookmark this site to come back to as I proceed in restoring access to all that I had published that successfully turned the minds of Residents and City Councils against their proposals of mass Fluoridation!

      Much information from others is still available on my old national page, which I put together originally (and maintained) for Jeff Green ( in San Diego

     Many of its links do work and some of my data is still available there right now. Please bear with me as I try to restore any workable links and data, and in the posting here and below, including "12 Reasons Not To Fluoridate City Water"which I had initially written specifically for the Santa Monica City Council, but had posted notice and link below, first for Barbara Jean, former "Born on the Fourth of July" host of KTKK about 6 years ago then (modified) for
De Vona's Saint George radio show 2  years ago.  
The link to "12 Reasons..." now works

     You will never buy into the Fluoridation lie again after understanding that one single writing that locked Fluoride out of those listening, hence completed knowledge empowered and benefited communities. So please return, as I rebuild.
It will be worth your trip back; I guarantee it!
    Thomas L Rodgers
    801-298-9095 (any time)
    Please feel free to call for more information or to challenge me anytime. Truth is my happiness, and is the assuring fire, warming the peaceful life, intelligence and spirit in my being!
TLR - 4/11/13, 4/14/13

Water and Life
Added for De Vona's Radio Show -- Fluoride discussion today, 26 Feb 2011
Open and read this page
12 Reasons Not To Fluoridate City Water
This letter of mine prevented the City Council of Santa Monica California from approving fluoridation of their water while I was there.
It, with my supporting documents, also prevented White City, Woods Cross Utah and Tooele Utah from fluoridating their waters

Sorry that most of the links inside that page are not working today  --

Please return here as I am able to restore critical data from my old website "Water And Life .org" which I had published in 2000 to 2004, but lost because I could not afford the server fees (which I still cannot afford) as I have done this labor on my own.

The old index page of Water And Life is just now posted (26 Feb 2011 11:10am - just after De Vona's Show)
Open old index here:

http://CitizensForSafeDrinkingWater .org/WaterAndLife/index.htm
Since some links (on both pages above) will not be working yet  --  You can call me and request specific pages or documents and I would be happy to get them available here or to you directly in the mean time.
Thomas L Rodgers
or email me: or

My oldest working website, "" follows below.   I have tried to let my expensive knowledge and hard gotten experience benefit my family, friends, others and you.   Though imperfectly began and written in struggle as I was healing from my own (inexcusable) biological folly (reversing terminal cancer, heart and stroke paralysis, blindness, flat-line in sepsis), It ill lead you to much of my efforts in the past 22 years - if you have curiosity, intelligence and courage - which I hope you do.
tlr 5/14/13

LifeSave - International 
...Science, Experience and Wisdom for Good Health in the New Millennium...
LifeSave International is a world invited consortium of humble, honorable men and women of science, research, education, and experience; exhibiting genuine and unselfish desires and efforts to expose, share and teach newly expanding knowledge and truths as best as can be currently found; for the benefit of all mankind, our biosphere, and all life -- upon which we do all inter-depend. Our own lives, our children and their children, earth, and all nature is in our trust!--We can no longer act in ignorance; blind and insensitive to the pain and death we are inflicting upon the earth and upon ourselves!--We must now see outside of ourselves; learning to understand, respect, and protect all life and our earth. We, with all life, must be permitted to flourish together in nature's wise partnership; in its concert of delicate balance; or we are all diminished and destroyed with it. Take courage, make intelligent change now, benefit from this gathering and expanding of knowledge; to the protection of our own lives, all life -- your life! 


Photo: My Grandchildren exploring their earth and their future. tlr


We prove the truth in human nutritional biology - the best foods and ways to nourish the human body - how diseases establish within the human body - and how to prevent or avoid those diseases - and the best way to reverse those diseases once contracted or established.

We freely teach and lecture in University, Educational, Professional, Civic, Public, and Private settings and in friends or family gatherings, no matter how large, no matter how small!


Photo:  My Daughter and my happy and healthy vegan (true vegetarian) grand kids

LifeSave is a nonprofit research and education organization. We neither sell nor promote any product, potions, paraphernalia, nor programs! Our sole labor is to educate in what is real and true about your physiology and leave you empowered over your own health!

Beyond an open mind, listening ear and willingness to consider and try the information we make open to you, your only obligation to us is your kindest recognition and simplest "thanks."  You do not become obligated, indebted, part of any sales down line, pyramid scheme, nor are made dependent upon us or anyone. Our  intent is to teach you correct understanding that will empower you to be responsible for you!

If you desire to hear from us, arrange for lectures or presentations and/or to share with us your health challenges, experiences or successes, we would appreciate contact from you. Please Email us at, or call us at phone no. 801-298-9095 (caller ID is displayed/required) fax 801-294-2970 0r send us your phone number (we never give it out to anyone else), and we are willing to call you. 

Please also note that we are in process of building this website and adding more links to make volumes of information available. However while we are laboring in many other current tasks (like keeping a roof over our head and food on our table), this will take some time. So feel free to check with us for our lecture possibilities or pursue any issue with us by e-mail, phone or fax.  Thank.


Photo: (Camping in my old van -- next to beach in Santa Monica) My youngest son is at peace and dreaming!- as should be the right of every child and being! -- He, with all my Family is the reason for my Living. Preserving their lives and their world with their future is my responsibility and obligation! But to accomplish that, I need you! -- And for everyone's children, we all need to help each other! Dan is now laboring and donating his efforts to benefit humanity in Paraguay
. pages:
Pathogen Load
Immune Systems Loosing Battle
Cholesterol - What you have not been told!
Cholesterol and War
ViolenceAbuseCholesterol - HormonalConfusion (including gender)
Energy Load of Meat Milk Eggs & Animal Foods
These above articles were written in 1994-5 while I was still  healing from my stroke damage. My vision was returning, motor skills were improving (from paralysis) and my language was struggled, but coming back from the near mute state left by my stroke damage. So there is imperfections in their composition and grammar, but the core understanding is there. Even so, these were published, as requested and as presented, by my wonderful friend in her health magazine anyway. So please forgive the grammatical roughness, and study them through to see the truth that I desperately tried to share -- to save my family, friends and others from suffering my same awful experience!  I will try to improve and rewrite then as time allows!
.    .    .    Some transcription errors have occurred as we have moved older text formats into HTML for your web viewing, so some extra letters or control characters show in the text of some of our pages, or some links are not completing. Please let me know of those problems you may find. (Our Email) They will be fixed as possible; but in the meantime, please read around them as best you can and benefit from the information. Please also forgive our inexperience in web page construction. We are learning in our mistakes! -- There are lots of them as you can see! --  So thank you for your kindest patience, while we improve in this skill too.  tlr 
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AutoImmuneDisease (Infectious Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic Diseases from Animal) Don't do Steroids (Fluoride, more) . . EatVegParkCity . .
Real Raw
raw food reality
A  Friend's site: Raw Mormon Eco-Village
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest the patient in diet, care of the human frame, and the cause and prevention of disease."   Thomas A. Edison

Tom-KinmontLecture-1Video: Tom Rodger's lecture, Richard & Joyce Kinmont's home (1996)
" Milk, Beef, Honey & Cnacer
Tom Rodgers Tell His Story"

This 2½ hour  was recorded by Richard & Joyce Kinmont (in 1996)
Then posted in 15 min segments, Sept 2010 on by "Bellteshazzar" -- Our thanks for his kind labor.
 "" Author is 15 Year "Terminal" Cancer Survivor --
"Relay For Life" -- June 2005, Honored by Mayor & Beauty Queens
...Miss Utah.Miiss Universe (Utah)
A powerful book about man's righteous stewardship over his own appetite and all creation!
The Gate! Access your own healing Millennium! see below
Pesticides and Aggression -Unv. Wisconsin Study-Intro by TLRodgersLocalCache
(ADD,) Schizophrenia, Autism and Diet -Univ of Florida  .  LocalCache 
NEW! - Taking the Rah!-Rah! out of the "Raw Foods" Movement! -- removing the conjured fears and folly!
Algae Spirulina Seaweed Warning (also Carrageenan)by TLRodgers 
WaterFactsUtah - Chart by State of Utah Natural Resources Div. of Water Resources: Learn why Vegan?-To really Save Water, Self and Earth! 
Vitamin B12, what about it?

Correspondence of value on specific subjects or issues within E-mail or other writings
 These are made available so you can learn from them until formal pages are written and added on the subjects.
Honey - A Sweet Delusion Liver Cleanses

New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially your food choices: WaterFactsUtah..(Chart: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources) Why Eat Vegan? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!

Links to friends and supportive sites:
Univ Florida Health Info (Neurological disorders - [ADD] Schizophrenia Autism)  .  LocalCache
Not Milk Pages (Robert Cohen)
Aspartame/MSG (David Reitz)
Pure Food Org (Research & Publishing)
Dr Lorraine Day, M.D.(Cancer& more) Committee for Responsible Medicine) Vegetarian Resource Group
Michael Klapper, MD
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Dr Ruth Heidrich, PhD (Howard Lyman)
American Vegan Society
Vegetarian Union of North America
Dr Ann Blake Tracy, PhD (SRI's)
Links to friends and other sites:
--Sites which are supported by or may contain considerable commercialism and may promote some products which I could not promote such as algae, Spirulina, kelp -- see:  or  most packaged nutrition or supplements -- but sites which do contain much good information, excellent ideas, resources and some very handy tools (some which I wish I could afford)!  So always use your own discernment and caution -- knowing that much presented "truth" is designed to promoted a product -- which may or may not be truly necessary or beneficial!  Always use your best instinct or judgment and discerning spirit ! -- even in that which I tell you! -- tlr -(KK) -(Robert Cohen)
Not enough Flesh? - or too much Exhaust?
Babies Wrongfully Taken From Breasts of Loving Health Conscious Parents!!!
These children and their families are not safe in this State's "Protective" System!
Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002 -- Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! - - Do you see a malnourished child here?Family Vs State

Evidence of True Harm not ever Entered!
The  "Smoking Gun"
The Real Baby Killer!
 Ignored by the accusers & the law!
Exhaust from furnace pressed back by breeze and entering house through fresh ari intake (square grill) - - - Click this photo to see CO Videos
Famous, Honored Mormon Tabernacle Organist's
innocent LDS (Vegan) Family verses State Child Protective Services, an inept Medical Establishment and the State's Attorney at Law.
This family got their surviving child back because of my discovery and media exposure of true cause and of the Medical, Bureaucratic and Legal fraud; but they have never yet been exonerated or given restitution for the death and damages initiated in the Courts.
Marylee Sarah Mathew
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsAnother Honorable LDS Vegan Family harmed in Manti Utah
Accused of harming their nursing child by not having flesh as part of their family's diet -- instead of the State and IHC Medicine identifying and treating for the true cause of the baby and the whole family's illness -- a HUD Manufactured Home Design Error causing Carbon Monoxide to poison their infant & family through the entire winter!
Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08 Precious infant Daniel saved by us from his HUD & Utah State created Fiery Furnace!
The Faces of Pain!!!  
Teen Screen "Holocaust" in the USA!
This child & her sister are set up to die in State DCFS care!

This site is a loving (Jewish) Mother's fight to save her own flesh and blood from the molestation, abuse & drugging of A State (in the U.S.A.?) Gone Mad with Medical Mind Control of Children!

Does Natzi Germany's Jew-maiming Dr Mengele still Live? and work in the courts of Illinois DCFS? Yes!  .
Teen Screen Holacaust -- in Illinois USA
__This site's Author was asked to run for State Senate.
__Please support him in his caring efforts in this critical cause!
__Your personal lifestyle choices and family rights are at issue here too!
After learning and acting on the above Family vs State case, 
please see the rest of our information and efforts below:
Special Thanks to Brooke Adams, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune for her wonderful article:
"Little Sprouts" -  Pregnancy and raising children on a Vegan Diet. 
Please encourage and thank Brooke (and Stacey Nix Univ. of Utah Nutrition, who she referenced ) for her kindly positive efforts in courageously publishing this article! Her article helps correct seriously flawed public perceptions in truly healthy life choices, particularly for children. This information is in critical need, especially  within our  western meat focused economy with its over-advertised and misinformed, hence consequently unhealthy youth, families and communities - including many health professionals and educators. 

Consider sharing your personal and your family's vegan health successes with Brooke (and Stacey) as well. 
"Little Sprouts" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune, Family, Wed. April 23, 2003 
Success Responses: 1. Joyce Kinmont 
Support Discussion and Potluck  -  Bountiful Public Library, etc. and EarthSave-SLC Potluck & Class
Dear Friends:
   This site and and all our other efforts have been provided and are paid for out of personal efforts and my already limited personal resources, including my wife and family's! They - with me - live most frugal, and go without much, so this information and labor can be made available to educate, encourage and provide benefit for you. 
    Several times my family and I have had our utilities interrupted this winter, lived in a house at less than 60 degrees and scrimped on our food so we could instead keep these pages open, work without compensation and continue our freely given educational efforts made available to you.
    I travel and talk freely to you and your friends and families, often secure facilities and provide display and provide materials on my own dime (which should be my family's instead), and sleep in my old 89 Plymouth Voyager even in brutal cold to save in my many miles traveled to share understanding and get help to you or anyone.
    So if you are or have been benefited by these efforts -- especially you who have been benefited over any part of these now near dozen years -- years in which my wife, children have given up of our own even most basic human needs or simplest of wants for your understanding and your health -- and years in which your life may have been spared and medical treatment and prescription costs have been saved. It would be wonderful to have your help in any way. Your help would be a gratefully accepted as some repayment for your health blessings and medical savings. So if you could help us sustain this effort and let it and us continue to reach and benefit you and others, even with your smallest of tangible contributed kindnesses, it would ease my family's sacrifices, be carefully used, sincerely appreciated and bring benefit to many others. Thank you,

Thomas L Rodgers, LifeSave, PO Box 304,  Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304  (ph. 801-298-9095 / cell 801-577-1845)
If you are able to economically assist, please help me maintain this personal time and resource consuming effort - including this website effort which costs me $32 a month - to get healthy living information to you & everyone !
I have used all I have had of my own money which included thousands for University/Public venues, State and County Fair spaces, literature and photo copying which I purchased and made freely available for our vegan eating, human health and creature and Earth compassionate stewardship messages to get out -- and currently to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle nearly 2 yrs without pay for a Bureaucracy, Medicine and State violated innocent Vegan Family! And now I am dead broke, but cannot with my exact knowledge and personal healing experience, in good conscience, with any peace of mind, quit!  Thanks TLR
Please don't forget to express gratitude for any benefit you have received from our sacrifice to inform you here. Give your support & send kind Donations so we can keep this humble, but honorably encouraging site open for others. Click here: Contributions Click to Contributions page
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 Please know of our modern day wonderful but uniquely rare and "singular lepers" who have returned back -- as did the one of old -- to show tangible gratitude to his Divine Master, and then help bring blessings to others! Dear Mary, with her encouraging Shirley, has continued graciously helpful at my side now for several years, in return for our similar sharing of knowledge with her of healing truth and its lasting gift of health.  --  These pages of Life-blessing information would not have been affordable for me, for my time, labor, and the meager reaches of my own resources, to provide and make available to you -- nor would many of our other materials, travel and efforts that are provided freely for you be possible -- were it not for the truly grateful heart, loving spirit and generous soul of dear and dependable Mary Mendenhall (with her supportive Paul) (also with help of her CC and Merrill), --  and that through the gentle encouragements always given with a widows "might" from her and our caring, loving, immutable and "unsinkable" Shirley Norsworthy. This is all with the supportive encouragement, patience and sacrifice of my good wife!  - tlr 2002
Our hearts, worries and prayers go to all men and women placed in harm's way in Iraq and all other theaters of human conflict. May they individually and collectively be honorable, alert, healthy, protect and be protected from unworthy and unjust harm. And may they carry a spirit of compassion, just and humane management and peace to their opposing combatants, the innocent civilian families, the animals and the environment in those theaters where they have been demanded to battle and to ultimately exert positive social and political influence; hopefully helping to establish greater freedom for all. tar 3/26/03
We of the human species must come to peace with creation 
before we will be able to come to peace with each other. 

Site's Author was asked to run for State Senate
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Schedule -  of Travel, Presentations, Classes and Interviews - For:  .  .  and other associated efforts
Family vs State
History: Entries temporarily maintained -- for contact resources, encouragement -- and also to demonstrate the quality of activities provided by our wonderful friends, organizers and participants . LifeSaveHistory.htm.
Not enough Flesh? - or too much Exhaust?
Suppression of truth for gain continues! - 5/15/05
Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002 -- Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!Baby Wrongfully Taken and Treated by Medicine and State!!! after it permitted death of brother and blamed parents!
Your influence and help is needed!
Health Conscious, Pareve, Vegetarian / Vegan, Integrative Medicine, Home Education, Healthy Family Choices & Unity

- are all put at Risk - 
by ignorance, adversarial family, neighbors & friends, erred Medicine, Child Protective Services, and the State Legal System!
Not enough Flesh? 
or too much Exhaust?
This child and his family are not safe in this State's so-called "Protective" System!

Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! - - Do you see a malnourished child here?Bogus charge of "nutritional" neglect pressed,
separation, control and repression,
DCFS Dependency Prison demanded for Life!
Evidence of True Harm not ever Entered!
"Oh yes, We will do it in retrial or appeal!" 
[The empty promises of five defense lawyers]
What happened to Defense, Truth and Justice?
In Utah, its Babies for Money, Medicine and Law!

More information on Healthy Vegan Family verses State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and The Law.
Family vs State
.Marylee Sarah Mathew

The  "Smoking Gun"
The Real Killer!
 Ignored by the accusers
and the law!

Exhaust from furnace pressed back by breeze and entering house through fresh ari intake (square grill) - - - Click this photo to see CO Videos
See Press Releases! & Petition! - Now!
1.(National) PRWire by S Allan
Parents. Medical, Municipal, State & CO Poisoning emphasis
1-a.Latest News on Case
2.Documentary Producer Shaun Monson, Los Angeles
Health & Lifestyle Choice Emphasis 
3.AccounabilityUtah by D. Newby
Parental rights & Constitutional Emphasis and your Action!
4.Petition, PRWire by S Allan
Petition Gov. DCFS, PCMC, Courts
5.Printable Flier
6.KSLtv News Legistative Christmas Visit Video Clip
6-a.KSLtv News text version
6-b.SLTribune: Christmas Protest
6-c.AU/DaveHansen's Report
7.What really happened! -(breif overview)
8. Mom's Breast B12- Baby's best supply! & Matthew's MRI!
Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Death Police Report - Why was this kept out of defense???
Go to our next page for details: Family Vs State
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Open and access your personal Millennium! 

Then help open the Lord's Millennium for your children, grandchildren and all creation!

The Gate is a comprehensive collection of Scripture, Prophetic instruction, and honorable science; all lighting the way into both your own personal Millennial blessings and a World Society's era of promised peace, healing, fullness of knowledge, freedom and happiness, as pointed toward and petitioned from us by our Heavenly Father, His Son, our Savior, His Prophets and all honorable mankind and creatures since Creation!

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